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Cold Isostatic Presses

What is Cold Isostatic Pressing?

With quality and productivity in focus

For decades, Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP) has been used successfully by manufacturers around the world. CIP is used to consolidate metal- and ceramic powders to make a “green” part that can be further treated, i.e. rolling, machining or sintering.

With typical pressures from 1,035 to 4,138 bar (15,000 to 60,000 psi) and ambient temperature up to 93°C (200°F), CIP can achieve 95% of theoretical density for ceramics.

A proven process for high-performance parts

Common applications for Cold Isostatic Pressing include consolidation of ceramic powders, compressing of graphite, refractories and electrical insulators, and other fine ceramics for dental and medical applications.

The technology is expanding into new applications such as pressing of sputtering targets, coatings of valve parts in an engine to minimize wear of the cylinder heads, telecommunications, electronics, aerospace and automotive.



features a vessel and yoke frame that are fully pre-stressed and wire-wound with high tensile cold-rolled spring steel wire. The pre-stressing causes the pressure vessel wall to remain in residual compression, even at maximum operating pressure, eliminating tensile loads and preventing crack propagation.

It is widely acknowledged to be the safest, most reliable and durable pressure containment system ever designed. The vessel meets “leak-rather-than-burst” criteria as defined in the ASME code, and typically has a calculated fatigue life of more than 20,000 cycles. Because the load-absorbing wire in the QUINTUS design have a tensile strength twice that of a forging, the system is lightweight and compact, with a savings in weight up to 50% compared to non wire-wound forged vessels.

Decompression capabilities

The decompression system decompresses the pressure inside the CIP at the end of the hold time. The decompression system can be designed to fit your process needs whether your needs are to get maximum productivity or maximum accuracy and fine decompression.

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Modularized solutions

A complete plant based on Quintus Modularized solution is space-saving and cost effective, on a complete plant investment level. This due to the requirement on the building and civil work is uncomplicated with the Modularized solution that facilities all sub-systems into a complete cost effective production entity.