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Hot Press

Diffusion Bonding (Hot Press): Resistance Heated High Vacuum Treatment Furnace With Integrated Pressing Unit


High vacuum heat treatment furnaces with integrated pressing unit and power-regulated resistance heater elements (Hot Press). Used for diffusion bonding and forming processes under high vacuum conditions as well universal use for thermal treatments and processes where particularly demanding requirements and sophisticated materials are involved.

System design

MOV-HP systems for diffusion bonding (Hot Press) are cold-wall furnaces with an integrated pressing unit. The vessel is made of stainless steel, double walled and water cooled. 
Materials are heated in a resistance heated chamber whereby the heat transfer takes place directly via heat radiation from the heater to the thermal treatment product.
The installation of pressing plates and punch can be effected both metallically and with graphite.
Thermal insulation is provided by metal sheets and mult layer foils.

Special Features

  • Maximum operating temperature up to 1,400°C

  • Stepless, process optimized heating power control via the thyristor controller

  • Easy and reliable working cycles control

  • Clearly structured design of the total furnace with high flexibility levels resulting from modular extensions and innovative system control

  • Working pressure range 1 x 10-6 mbar

  • Automatic heat treatment process control

  • Temperature homogeneity in the operations chamber ≤ ± 5 K

  • Pressing force up to 2,500 kN

  • Application of the pressing unit up to a maximum temperature of 1,200°C

  • Take-up path precision ≤ 0.1mm

  • Tandemversion with two integrated and undependant pressing systems

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