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Material Handling Automation

Komage automation:
Handling solutions across the board

Komage offers customized automation and handling solutions for all press systems – both from in-house production and those of competitors. In addition to different removal options, it is possible to automate complete production sequences. In the complete solutions (presses + automation) offered by Komage, the automation, pressing and handling systems all work with a single user interface (HMI). In this way, Komage guarantees ease of operation for all the technologies integrated in the production process.

Advantages of Komage handling solutions:

Automation solutions and Komage press systems work with a single user interface
Automation and handling solutions for competitor powder presses
Removal and precisely positioned setting down
Handling of empty and loaded sintering plates (stacking)
Cleaning and deburring of pressed parts
Cleaning of press tools
Measuring and weighing of the pressed parts
Visual quality control
Product data acquisition and individual assignment (history of pressed part)
Various withdrawal systems (gripping – outside or inside, suction)
Common data storage for press and handling system (Komage complete system)

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