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Mechanical Servo Press

The KE Series by Komage:
Perfect solutions for high volumes and low-cost production

The machines of the KE Series are mechanical high-performance presses with a servo-electrically driven, freely programmable die axis. Komage has designed the presses of the KE Series specifically for manufacturing large quantities of molded parts from powder-based materials.
Due to the unique combination of mechanical top punch drive and servo-electric die drive, the user has a press system which combines the advantages of hybrid presses, i.e. the combination of productivity and press-technical flexibility, with the benefits of electric drives. As a result, the use of KE press systems can significantly reduce operating costs due to savings in energy consumption and maintenance.
With the launch of the electro-mechanical powder presses of the KE Series, Komage is continuing the consistent development of its range of low energy consumption presses.

Advantages of the  Series

High stroke rates (due to mechanically driven top punch movement)
High spindle lifetime
Low energy consumption (due to a combination of mechanical and servo-electric drive technology)
Low environmental impact

Advantages of hybrid press systems

High flexibility and parts quality, due to freely programmable die axis
High reproducibility of the pressing process
Pressing based on force or height
Ability to implement all filling and pressing methods
No mechanical fixed stops required due to freely programmable die movement
Simple setup to shorten tool change times
High product quality as neither knocks nor vibrations occur due to the lack of mechanical elements
Instead of complicated mechanical adjustment, easy programming via software
Optimum density distribution due to free programming of die movements
Crack-free demolding due to freely programmable applied load
Reduced tool wear due to freely switchable core rod
Easy and error-preventing programming with the KOMPART integrated program generator
Fast setup using an electronic handwheel (optional)

Advantages of servo-electric direct drives

High energy efficiency
Lower maintenance effort (no leaks, oil changes, etc.)
Reduced space requirement
Lower noise emission
Outstanding positional accuracy due to direct drive
High spindle life, no mechanical spindle offset required
Sustainable drive concept (less energy, less noise, free from hydraulic oil)

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