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Servo Electric Press

Good for the environment – and your ROI: 

The servo-electric powder press E30 saves up to 80% of energy costs – and saves precious production space at the same time.

The servo-electric E Series powder presses of the E by Komage are – as KOMAGE`s successful  hydraulic presses – operating in enjection mode. The advantage of the ejection principle is now also available in the electric presses of the E Series.The result: High stroke rates and low energy consumption are perfectly combined – and on a very small footprint at that.

Decades of experience in building hydraulic presses using the ejection principle and the worldwide success of this design led Komage to develop a servo-electric ejection press, the new E Series. This press operates, like all Komage multi-level presses, without fixed stops and is freely programmable. Due to the fact that the punches are held freely in the press position, the pressure on the pressed part can be relieved in both axial directions, unlike when pressing with fixed stops. Punch compression and spring-back effect can therefore be compensated; this ensures crack-free demolding of the pressed part. In addition, the constant removal height of the parts due to the ejection method enables easy and cost-effective implementation of all automation solutions and fill devices.

The E30 with compact design – a real space-saver

The footprint of a machine has become a real cost factor in global production. So it's good that the new E30 from Komage takes up to 50% less space than hydraulic presses with comparable pressing force. So now you can produce at considerably lower cost in a confined space.

Advantages of the servo-electric powder press E30

Low energy consumption
Low environmental impact
Small footprint
High stroke rates
High spindle lifetime

Features of the servo-electric powder press E30

High-precision guides permit the use of quick-change clamping tool systems
Servo-electric drive for all pressing and filling axes
Free programmability of all servo-electrically driven axes
Expandable to multi-level system
Unique spindle technology (tested under extreme conditions)

Technical specifications of the servo-electric powder press E30

Excellent price    performance ratio with a pressing force of 300 kN 
Ejection force:    300 kN
Max. filling depth:    customizable
Stroke rate:    up to 40/min (with 10 mm filling depth)
Dimensions:    160 cm x 145 cm x 325 cm

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