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3D Printing Systems

3D Printing Systems

Experience an innovative, faster, and more agile method of generating parts for rapid product development and production.

ExOne's binder jet industrial 3D printers are designed to scale into larger production volumes, develop complex parts and serve diverse applications. With the purchase of a sand or metal industrial 3D printer, our customers have the full partnership and support of our skilled technicians and consultants.

Metal 3D Printers

Production-scale 3D metal printers from ExOne® can be tailored to facility requirements - whether in an industrial manufacturing or education and research setting. When you need to print functional metal parts quickly and at scale, ExOne offers a variety of 3D printers to suit your needs.

Sand 3D Printers

ExOne's 3D sand printers are an agile solution for parts’ manufacturing and prototyping. Generate complex sand-casting cores and molds faster and easier with an intuitive user interface and varied material options. Test the limits of innovation with custom frameworks provided by our printers.


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