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Flexform Sheet Metal Forming Makes Low Volume Production More Efficient

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Quintus Flexform™ Hydroforming

The Quintus Flexform technology – also named Hydroforming – is a process using extremely high hydraulic pressure towards a flexible rubber diaphragm, shaping sheet material against a single tool half. The process enables the forming of a wide range of geometric shapes from a variety of  sheet metals alloys, from soft aluminum to high strength steels.

Cut Tool Cost by 90% and Reduce Lead Time by 50%
Flexform use a ‘Single Tool Technology,’ which means there is no need for expensive matched male/female die sets, as the diaphragm acts as a universal die. Tooling can be made quickly from a wide variety of materials including steel, aluminum, 3D printed materials and laminated hardwood. This ability to rapidly create (or modify) tooling, gives Quintus Flexform users the ability to react quickly to their production needs, at a fraction of the cost and time of processes which rely on traditional matched die sets.

Launch of the New Quintus Flexcell™ 

New car model development is continuously pushing for quicker turn around and lower cost.
Production batches are getting smaller, but the variety of part shape requirements are increasing. To meet the market requirement, we have now launched the Flexcell™ Flexform press, allowing rapid tool changes and small batch processing.  

Launch of the New Quintus Flexcell

Quintus High Pressure Technology -an Advantage for the Automotive industry

The need for only one die-half, the other being a flexible rubber diaphragm, reduces the required tool cost dramatically and cuts the time to market for new development. The simplicity in die design minimizes the cost and time penalty for late design changes.

Watch the video here!

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