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Hydroforming for the Aerospace Industry


The high-pressure quality process allows for an increase in sheet metal fabrication capacity, typically by 50 to 80%. Due in large part to the labor and process step elimination potential! The high-pressure allows forming of the final shape and within tolerances, eliminating the need for time consuming hand correction. Typically, otherwise required by skilled labor. Today’s high-pressure technology is linked to modern tool design, and provides an alternative solution for transferring production to low labor cost environments. 

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Leveling the Playing Field for Sheet Metal Parts

Read the white paper to find out more on how Quintus has helped several Tier 2 and 3 suppliers with efficient fluid cell presses and advanced tooling designs. The cost savings are real, they are immediate, and should be carefully evaluated by parts fabricators who want to optimize their business.

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Forming Simulation – The Flexform Technology Game - Changer

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The relatively recent introduction of trustworthy hydroforming simulation software has taken the technology to a new level. The elimination of the historical dependency of skilled operators and costly trial and errors has provided a new era for hydroforming technology. The combination of modern and efficient tool design, combined with high pressure, has proven to cut the time for tool design development dramatically. The introduction of forming simulation also provides a method to quickly establish an internal forming process know-how. Thus, reducing labor dependency and building a platform for improved efficiency, cost cutting and quality improvement.

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Shaping the aerospace airframe industry with Flexform presses
Shaping the aerospace jet engine industry with Flexform presses

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