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Need a business case? We've got you!

With over 30 years of experience in extrusion machining – MODIG is the go-to-company for extrusion machining.

MODIG Machine Tool developed and produced the world's first extrusion machine with rotary tables in 1988. When introduced it was an extraordinary machine of speeds and feeds, almost too good to be true, and this is still the reality today. With over 30,000 time studies and surveys, and an awarded design, the MODIG extrusion machining solution became the first choice of top performing machine shops. We are confident in our experience and knowledge when it comes to extrusion machining with a Return of Investment of 11-13 months compared to conventional machines.

Today, this machining solution is available in several models depending on sizes and lengths of extrusions.

Need a business case? We've got you!


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