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Quıntus Technologies Article In Ams Jan/Feb 2019


Shaping the Automotive Industry with Flexform™

For decades, Quintus Technologies has supplied Flexform solutions to major automotive manufacturers worldwide, including Ford, Daimler-Benz, Volvo, BMW, Rover, GAZ, and Saab.

As with the aerospace industry, Flexform is used widely by automotive manufacturers for fast, low-cost prototyping, validating tools and parts, and saving valuable time in the new model development process.

And although auto making typically involves high volumes, there are segments of the industry where Flexformis the preferred method for production parts. These include limited edition specialty cars, buses, trucks, commercial vehicles, and farm/construction equipment.

Formed components include fenders, doors, hoods, roof and floor panels, pillars, support beams, and similar items. Flexform is considered economically viable for parts with production volumes up to some thousands of parts per year.



Innovative Metal Forming Technique could Have a Significant Impact on Press Shops of the Future

From Aero to Auto
“One of the most flexible forming processes in the automotive industry, in the most literal sense of the term, is the Flexform technology from Swedish company Quintus Technologies, based in Västerås, around 100km west of the capital Stockholm. Instead of shaping sheet metal between two heavy machined steel dies, only one such hard die surface is employed with the other being replaced by a rubber diaphragm, which is then forced against the surface of the blank by hydraulic pressure.”

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