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Taking center stage inside Eisengiesserie Mezger AG's new building

Swiss iron foundry Eisengiesserei Mezger expands services with ExOne 3D printer

Taking center stage inside Eisengiesserie Mezger AG's new building, stands an ExOne
S-Max Pro™ 3D printer. The company is now using cutting-edge 3D printing technology to produce its cores and molds. With its patented binder jetting technique, the 3D printer creates the sand products from a single piece and in a completely automated process.

A total of 45 employees at the foundry produce around 2,500 metric (2,268 tn sh) tons of cast parts each year for customers primarily in the mechanical engineering sector. The foundry also supplies parts to customers in the gas and water supply sector, as well as in engine and tool manufacturing. 

In this case study, you'll learn why Eisengiesserei Mezger:

  • Touts production speed as the decisive factor for entering into 3D printing
  • Regards the importance of 3D printing and how it elevates Eisengiesserei Mezger to a technology partner
  • Believes automation is a competitive advantage in a high-wage country
  • Values the sustainability aspects of the production materials in minimizing waste and disposal costs 

“Our foundry focuses primarily on prototypes, limited-run series and replacement parts for national and international customers. Speed in production is the main factor here and one of the reasons we decided to use a 3D printer.”

Silvio Camponovo, CEO of Eisengiesserei Mezger AG

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