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This is an awesome test run made in the RigiMill MT

This is an awesome test run made in the RigiMill MT. The depth of the hole is 16.5” (410 mm)! The test was machined with a HSK100 spindle with 20,000 rpm with tools from Seco Tools in an aluminum block sized 20” x 7.9” x 17” (508 x 201 x 432 mm). A test run demanding for longer tools with excellent performance. This test is one of the events we are performing together with SECO in our extended partnership. Stay tuned for more joint activities in the future!

The tools used in this test:
 Seco Tools High-Feed 2 LP09 range. Max depths of cut by insert type LP09/1.8 mm (0.7”). Excellent performance in in long overhangs and first choice for ISO M & S materials.

 Seco Tools Perfomax™ SD602 is a modular drill head system specifically designed for deep hole applications that require large diameters drilled safely and efficiently.

 JH421 HIGH PERFORMANCE. Internal coolant channel, large corner radii, MEGA-T coating Dc 2-25 mm (0.08-0.98”), for ISO N machining.

 BALLNOSE K=1 – 3-Cutting-edge, single-sided inserts. Cutter range 16-40 mm (0.625 – 2”) 90-degree types and HFA (lollipop style) One effective cutting edge.

 R217/220.97 range Aluminium routers high productivity cutters are designed to provide optimal performance in slotting, square shoulder milling and pocketing operations in aluminium. These tools are specifically optimized to achieve high speed and high metal removal rates in aluminum. The Steadyline® vibration damping shell-mill holders provide highly efficient performance in a variety of applications.

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