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The reinforced solution for extraordinary high and complex parts.

The SFM-AT1000-S is an upscale of the well-established SFM-AT800-S and optimized for automatic depowdering of parts with an extraordinary height of up to 1.000 mm.

The state-of-the art design is specialized in the requirements of cleaning high parts with internal channels and hard-to-access geometries like modern compact rocket-propulsion engines.

The well proven process removes and retrieves residual metals powders easily, effectively and meets the highest requirements of EH&S.

The technology is based on the combination of two programmable servo-drive-axes with endless rotation and adjustable high frequent vibration.
Saving and combining free component movements and spatial positions with an assignment of different functions ensures short process cycles with best results.

Two safety interlocked glove ports facilitate optionally supplementary manual cleaning with compressed air or inert gas.

The process chamber is designed with smooth stainless-steel parts for easy cleaning and free from any ignition source. The safety-monitored inert gas infusion system ensures additionally explosion protection when working with reactive metal powders. Due to the protected process atmosphere the collected powder is immediately ready for recycling.

Like the smaller systems, the SFM-AT1000-S offers a wide range of accessories and individual options.

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