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The compact entry-level unit

The SFM-AT200 is a cost-effective solution for efficient and thorough cleaning of laser-melted metal parts. It meets the highest standards of safety, functionality and durability – and comes with a small footprint and simple operation.

Featuring optimal vibration excitation and automated pivoting, the SFM-AT200 cleans complex voids and support structures. The frequency of the vibration system is adjustable. Thanks to its compact design, the depowdering cabin reduces gas consumption and accelerates the time to achieve an inert state of the process chamber. The SFM-AT200 is designed without any ignition source. The safety monitored inert gas infusion mechanism ensures protection against explosion when working with reactive metal powders.

The SFM-AT200 is the ideal cleaning system for small parts on a build platform of up to 300 x 300 x 230 mm³ and weighing up to 60 kg. It is particularly suitable for medical parts made of titanium alloys and for laboratory applications.
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