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The next step towards a fully automated postal process

The SFP770 is a fullyautomated system for unpacking and cleaning of SLS parts directly from the build box of the 3D-printer.
The SFP770 thus takes a significant step towards more comfortable, safer and more efficient post-processing and a dust-free production.

The process:

1. Unpacking
The build box is closed with a vibration-excited screen cover and swivels overhead. The loose powder is extracted directly and contamination-free from the screen cover and conveyed to a recycling unit.

2. Cleaning
The unpacked parts are handed over to a rotating basket and shot blasted with glass beads and ionized air.

Process parameters such as time, swivel angle, vibration, beam intensity, beam distance, beam angle, and basket rotation can be programmed easily.

Both processes run independently, so that a new build box can be unpacked simultaneously.

The system is made of electrically conductive stainless steel and equipped with ATEX components. A safety-controlled dust extraction prevents the risk of an explosive atmosphere. Thanks to OPC-UA, the system meets the requirements of Industry 4.0.

Both stations are available separately. This allows customers to either use their existing cleaning station or use a manual cleaning process.

The system is currently availablefor build boxes from the EOS P7 printer.

The advantages at a glance

Fully automated unpacking directly from the printer’s build box

Shortest unpacking times without manual intermediate steps

Direct connection to a powder recycling unit

Fully automated transfer to the final cleaning system

Efficient shot blast system with glass beads and ionized air

Excellent glass beads recovery with ultrasonic screening

Programmability of almost all process parameters

Optional use of a manual shot blast device

Proven explosion protection with ignition free set-up, safety-monitored dust extraction and ATEX-certified components

OPC-UA for remote control of the system

                                                                          Technical Specifications

image001 2
Installation Space (B x T x H) 5.500 x 3.500 x 3.000 mm³
Mains Voltage / Frequency 3 PH / 400 / 50 – 60 V/Hz
Machine Weight ca. 2.000 kg
Power Consumption 1,5 kW
Power Supply 16 A

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