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Walking Beam Furnace

Walking beam sintering furnaces (WBS-series) differ from the previous described conveyor belt furnaces, although they can be used for the same purpose. The walking beam furnace is also designed for continuous throughput of high volumes, but the working temperatures can be much higher. Temperatures of 1180°C up to 1280°C or 1390°C (for 316L steels) and even 1750°C for special materials can be handled thanks to the renowned walking beam transport system. By a repeating combination of sequential movements the trays are transported through the furnace line. Depending on the process step, different transport mechanisms are applied. The typical walking beam is used in the high temperature zone. Walking Beam Sintering furnaces are fitted with purge locks and highly developed automation systems. Protective atmospheres up to 100 % hydrogen can be used, even at high throughput rates of more than 600 kg/h netto. WBS-furnaces are often a necessity when it comes to high end applications. But thanks to the modular design of this series many different set-ups are possible and a maximum field of applications can be covered.

These types of furnaces can be equipped amongst other things with the following modules:

CAT-Dewax (fast combustion zone)
Control devices for the furnace atmosphere
Rapid cooling systems
Exit sections
Computer based process guidance and documentation